Mihir Patel

About Me

Hi I'm a software engineer who loves to code but also enjoys skateboarding, math, cooking, and playing fetch with my dog Ada (Named after Ada Lovelace) she's a German Shepherd and Beagle Mix!

Sometimes I enjoy pulling pranks, going to parties, visiting new places. I'm an introvert so I prefer to hangout with a small group of friends or read a book at home after brewing a cup of tea.

I'm a huge environmentalist, I try to reduce my carbon footprint as much as I can by buying reusuable, biking, and eating an eco-friendly diet.

My favorite foods and where to find them Amazing Samosas , Favorite Pizza , Best Ice Cream Perfect Veggie Burgers

If you want to know about some of my other interests then I think a great way to know me is looking at my Pinterest

Some charities I care about you should checkout Sierra Club, BoardsforBros , Hearts of Gold, ACLU

If you wanna know more or just want to talk please send a message 😊

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